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RLMC Election Results:

John McClennon ~ 101

Troy Moulten ~93

Bob Myers ~ 79

Clare Fleming ~ 68

Bob McFarlane ~ 64

Ken Dishaw ~ 49

Pam Baxter, Jim Henry, Larry Irrer, and Ronnie Dush each received votes.

​Thank you to those who ran for a position. The top three will be taking their positions at the August Annual Meeting on Wednesday, August 10th.

With our new Treasurer have come increased efforts at collecting past due maintenance fees from property owners. As Mel Weiber has stepped up and volunteered a great deal of his time in an effort to pursue the over $55,000 in back fees owed to the RLMC, clearly those efforts are starting to pay off! At our last meeting he announced the increased fees collected were due to pursuing some of the 50+ property owners in small claims court leading to an increase in the fees collected to date. Thank you for all you have done Mel!

Let us know your thoughts and concerns!

If you have an issue you would like to bring up at a board meeting, just fill out the form to the right and submit it.

It would also be wonderful to see more faces at the meetings. Member opinions are always welcome. If you take a look at the proposed agenda, you will see there are two areas where we take the time to listen to YOU and your neighbors.

Spread the word...RLMC has a website!www.RLMCorp.org

August, we have had 517 visitors to our site so far.

July we had 223 visitors.

Our average is 239 visitors.

May 2015 has been our busies month for visitors to the website with 464.

Guard Duty



​$10 hour

My sincerest apologies for not keeping the website updated. I have felt pulled in twenty different directions at once. I would love to find someone willing to help or takeover updates of the website. Anyone interested would have to be approved by the board and attend the board meetings every month.

Fee Collection Efforts Successful

Summer Lake Level

Boards are in. Water is slightly high with the recent rain.


Saturday, July 2nd

with rain date

Sunday, July 3rd.

Coming Up

Board Meeting

2nd Wednesday,

of every month starting at 7:00 PM


Our Newest Members

Garrett Strachota

Ken & Laura Dishaw

Kathleen Fitzgerald-Stavley

Gregory Whitney &

Bernadett Marietta

Joseph & Jennifer Hegarty

Robert Robbe

  • Brush pile located next to the RLMC office - look for the signs
  • Leaves and grass clippings go on the compost pile (no plastic bags or brush).
  • Black dirt is now available from the first of composting.
  • RLMC office hours for the winter months will be Monday and Wednesday 10-4.
  • Green flag alert means it is safe for boating. Red flag alert means no wake only boating is allowed on the lake.

Help Wanted


Unfortunately it is getting to be that time of year again. Boat storage buildings have been filling up faster and faster every year. You will need to schedule an appointment with one of the committee members as storage is offered on a first come, first served basis. Tags and slips will again be available at the entrance gate or in the RLMC office. Only property owners in good standing are allowed to store their WATERCRAFT inside and trailers, boats, RV's, etc. outside within the fenced in area. Remember outside storage is free for 10 months then the item needs to be removed or charges will be incurred. As a reminder the lake association has trailers available for your use, FREE of CHARGE., within a 25 mile radius. Please remember to use every precaution necessary when using these trailers, after all you do pay to help maintain them.